Internet Marketing – A Warning

Mockup Copy Space Blank Screen ConceptMany years ago I became involved for a while in Network Marketing (sometimes known as Multi-Level Marketing) an experience which I ultimately found very exasperating for a number of reasons. I found the concept of Network Marketing fascinating, and I still do. The premise is simple and the opportunity to build a very successful business certainly seems very realistic. Unfortunately, there is one major problem, it is a business plan which overlooks one vital issue; – human nature!

The bottom line in Network Marketing is “everybody does a little bit each”. The work required couldn’t be simpler; distributors simply show the products and show the business. Some people will like the product, which leads to a sale. Some people will like the business and join as distributors themselves. Some people will not be interested in either. It is probably one of the most straight-forward business plans ever devised.

However, human nature gets in the way. Top of the list of irritations I encountered was that quite a number of people I brought into the business did very little themselves. They sat back and expected others to do all the work.  If you have passengers sprinkled through the network it simply won’t work. All too many people did not treat it as a serious business and, therefore, not only did they not succeed themselves but they made it difficult for others to succeed too.

The reason I have raised this is that whatever business you are involved in, whether it is traditional marketing, retailing, network marketing or internet marketing the work must be undertaken in a professional and committed way. Work must be planned and carried out with integrity and consistency or success is unlikely.

If you are to succeed in internet marketing you must treat it as a serious business and not something casual you pick up from time to time when you can’t think of anything better to do. Research your niche, create or find a suitable product and plan how you can best market that product. Do not be distracted by other opportunities you encounter either, thus becoming a butterfly brain flitting from one new idea to another. Focus on the one business plan and see it through.

Like any business you must have a plan, know what needs to be done, and do it! If you are not prepared to commit to the work in that way you will not succeed and you would be better off looking elsewhere for employment. Working from home sounds like a wonderful idea but it does require a disciplined approach. Even though you may be working in your own home, during your working hours you must treat it as your workplace. It is so easy to become distracted by ‘home’ things, especially when there are demanding tasks to be carried out within your business.

Internet marketing is a marvellous opportunity for anyone prepared to do what it takes to succeed. But it is a business and must be treated as such. A casual approach will not bring you the success you are seeking.

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