Internet Marketing Checklist

Business Success Diagram On Laptop Showing Mission And ManagementJust as we have our cars serviced on a regular basis, or have our central heating checked about once a year, it is a very good idea to give our internet marketing systems a once over from time to time. It is recommended that our computers are given an annual service to clean out the stuff which accumulates within the system and clutters up its working, very probably slowing it down. A bit like the man who loved old film westerns and spent hours every week watching them. Every few months he had to get a technician in to clear all the dead cattle rustlers out of the back of his TV.

In addition to ensuring that our computers are in the best condition possible it is well worth the effort to check all the links on our webpages, landing pages, forms, etc. There is nothing more frustrating for a visitor or, indeed, potentially damaging to our business, than to have a dead link at a crucial step in our system. A potential customer may be thoroughly involved in our website or sales letter, goes to click a button to find out more, only to encounter a dead link. The customer will almost certainly go off in a huff and we lose an opt-in, even a sale. It is one of those inexplicable things when a link which has worked perfectly for months suddenly decides to deactivate itself for no apparent reason. So check your links fairly regularly to avoid that particular situation arising.

If you have an established mini-site for selling a particular product or service which is performing well and producing passive income leave well alone, – other than checking the links periodically. In the words of the old axiom: – “If it works, don’t fix it!” If you have an information site or blogging site you are likely to have some visitors who keep coming back. Apart from new blogs and articles it would be a good idea to perk up the site from time to time, perhaps changing an image or graphic here and there to give the home page a slightly new look. Links to new offers will obviously appear on this site at intervals but give your regular visitors new things to look at to maintain their interest.

Check and reassess your keywords and tags at times too. If you are tracking the response to these then keep trying to improve that response by doing a bit of word juggling, trying out new possibilities or keeping the keywords but changing the phrases in which you use them. The search engines these days seem to like to see almost any kind of activity on webpages so little changes like that can not only improve the results of your site but improve your ranking on Google, etc.

Try to develop your reciprocal links as this too appeals to the search engines. Again, as mentioned above, do check the links on these too as some people may have ceased trading, made a significant change to their business or even died. It would be irritating to a visitor to your website to click on a link to a non-existent page or a website unrelated to your business. Always be on the lookout for new people with whom you can exchange links to your mutual benefit.

Be perpetually on the ball for negative issues which might arise things which could undermine your online business. If in doubts about any part of your system, check it! It is far better to over-check than under-check as the latter could cost you customers and money.

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