Keyword Research Strategy

Effective Keyword Research is vital to draw traffic to your websites. What we are trying to establish is just what words and terms internet surfers are using when researching our particular niche. If we can deduce that then the search engines will rank our websites high up on their pages. The ultimate ambition is to get a ranking on the first page of Google and other major search engines. Obviously, trying to outguess our potential visitors is going to be very hit-and-miss, even though we could probably make an educated guess at some of the main keywords. The real impact comes from selecting words and phrases from within your niche which are getting some use but not too much.

This makes concentrated keywords research very important indeed if you want to draw traffic to your website in substantial quantity. Don’t forget, more traffic means more sales. The other associated issue is that the visitors to your website need to be in the right place at the right time or they are not going to buy anything. If they have been led astray by the keywords you have used and ended up in the wrong place that is no use to them and of no use to you either. So what we need is to bring lots of people to visit our site who are from our target market. If they arrive to find that we are offering what they are looking for we are very likely to make a sale.

You might have the best product ever created and the best website ever designed but if you don’t get the targeted visitors to your sales letter you don’t have a business.

The sort of words you need to use as keywords should be words that offer benefits and solutions to the internet users; they need to emotive words rather than functional. They should be colloquial words rather than erudite words, in fact, just the sort of words that you or I might use when using a search engine. In order to find the words and phrases which people are using in their searching are the words and phrases which our research needs to identify.

Begin by putting yourself in the shoes of your target visitors. Try to imagine why they are searching and exactly what they are searching for. Come up with as many words and phrases as you can which you think might be valuable. Then you need to take this list to a keyword tool such as “Google Adwords” or” Keyword Discovery”. What you are after are words and phrases from within your niche which are not obvious. Your list of ideas will give you a good starting point for your research.

Don’t skimp on this research. The more time and concentration you give to this research the more likely you are to draw the traffic to your website. If you just use general keywords you will get some traffic, but if you want lots of traffic then your keywords need to be much more subtle and specific. Only through research can this be achieved.

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