Keyword-Rich Articles

Work on the tableIf you are looking to draw traffic to an article or webpage then use of keywords embedded in your text will gain the attention of the search engines. We often speak of an article or other copy as being “keyword-rich”. The use of search tools such as Adwords and Keyword Discovery are of great help. These free tools will enable you to search for a term and get related keywords to use in your copy. They also give you information regarding the popularity of certain words and phrases which can be of great benefit in your writing too.

We also hear the phrase “keyword density” used fairly frequently. The clue is in the title! It is all down to how thinly or thickly you seed your keywords through the text. In an earlier article on this topic I warned against excessive use of keywords as it is likely to make your copy stilted and strained making it difficult for your reader to comprehend. Never lose track of the fact that, although you are trying to attract the attention of the search engines, first and foremost you are writing something for people to read. If those readers find your copy dry and lifeless as a result of overuse of keywords they are going to give up and go elsewhere.

Using your most important keyword in the first sentence of an article is always advised. If you can use it in the title – that’s even better. Ideally it should also appear in your last sentence too. Then sprinkle one or two other keywords in the main body of your copy; any more than that is overkill.

To avoid the rather wooden writing style which often occurs as a result of a compulsion to make the copy keyword-rich, I will usually just write and worry about the use of keywords later. Once you have your article written to your satisfaction that is the time to find ways to incorporate your keywords without damaging the flow of the copy you have just composed. I rarely find this approach difficult to achieve. The completed copy will be much better for it.

A well-balanced keyword-rich article placed on an article site such as EzineArticles will catch the eye of the search engines and register your article in response to internet users’ search terms. As your Resource Box at the end of your article will have your website address, people will see your article and, if they are impressed by what they have read, they have the opportunity to click on your link and make a visit to your website. Good keyword research generates traffic which arrives on your website in a positive frame of mind.

If you are writing an article on a particular topic, it is inevitable that you will use relevant keywords out of necessity. The words which are inseparable from the niche you are discussing are certain to be keywords for that niche. The search tools will give you alternatives which will make sense within your copy but will also be more attractive to the search engines. When it comes to producing keyword-rich articles as part of your internet marketing business, research is the really keyword.

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