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Economy chartsWords are the most important tools of our trade. Words can have a big impact on our thoughts and our feelings. The use of certain words in certain situations can really impact on our emotions. Words can direct our thoughts, change our perceptions and influence the way with think about things.

Marketing is not the only profession where words are a key factor in working life. It goes without saying that journalists and writers in a variety of genres use words as their currency. For anyone entering politics, words are a powerful tool in the execution of their chosen career too. Words have the power to influence people to act in a particular way. Being able to choose the right words and using them effectively is an essential skill for a politician. Choosing the wrong words can lead to misunderstanding.

A politician on the hustings in the run up to a general election was addressing a large crowd in a packed hall. He beamed around the sea of faces before him:

“I’m delighted to see such a dense crowd here today,” he gushed.

“Don’t be too delighted, mate, we aren’t all dense!” responded a voice from the crowd.

In our business of internet marketing the design of a webpage, the use of images and graphics, etc. can enhance what we write, but, in the final analysis, it is the words which sell our products. The words that we choose and the way that we use them in our copy, will lead to the success or failure of our marketing. There are certain words widely used by marketers to navigate potential customers through our campaign strategy.

The word, “FREE”, for instance. This word has a well-known impact on visitors to webpages and sales letters. It catches the eye and immediately raises interest. There is nothing that makes us look more closely at any copy than the thought of getting something for nothing. It seems to be in our genes!

The word, “NEW”, is another word which has always been known to create interest. We set great stall by having the newest and most up-to-date technology, for instance. Every time one of the top mobile phone companies brings out its latest model we see people queuing around the block from 2am to be one of the first to have the new piece of kit. They perceive this as giving them great kudos in the eyes of their peers.

Any sales letter should end with a call to action which is where the word “NOW” comes into its own. We are wanting a visitor to our webpage or sales letter to make some sort of commitment, whether to make a purchase or subscribe to our list before moving on. We don’t want them to procrastinate, to put it off until tomorrow because, as we all know, “Tomorrow never comes!” Creating a sense of urgency will encourage them to take immediate action. This can be further enhanced by putting a time limit on the offer or offering a discount on the first 50 sales, or some other device to get an instant response.

Then, of course is the use of the word, “YOU”. Your readers are the people that you are talking to and they are looking for something which will enhance their lives. They want to know how they will benefit from what you are offering. They want to know that you are thinking of them and speaking to them. If that does not come across then you will lose them. Regular use of the word, ”YOU” will certainly help.

So when it comes to generating leads and making sales, words are your greatest ally. Choose the right words and your readers will hear you out; choose the wrong words and they will be off to see what your competitors have to say. Always read through all your copy very carefully several times before publishing. I often recommend letting someone else read it through as well. Get the words right and you will succeed in your marketing. Get the words wrong and its “Hello, Job Centre!”

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