Niche Market Business

What is meant by the term “niche marketing”?

Niche marketing consists of tracking down a relatively small area of interest and selling to that marketplace. These topics will often be found within a larger subject. They are areas which have not created too much interest and are, therefore, ripe for exploitation. The way I like to think of a niche is that it will have relatively few potential customers in a single town but, thanks to the internet, the small customer base becomes massive in the context of a niche market where we can offer products to people in every town around the globe. That is the thinking behind my own niche marketing strategy.

How to choose a niche.

The first step is to find an appropriate niche where there is a hungry group of people looking for information and for products. Research is the vital ingredient at this stage of your business. By using Google Search and a Keyword Tool you can find for yourself a topic which has significant interest but relatively small market penetration. If you find an ideal niche you are ready to take the next step which is to find or create an ideal product to offer to that niche.

Suitable products to sell can come in a variety of different formats. Digital products are the easiest to deal with as there is no physical product to send out. The best source of such products is through affiliate programmes. The most popular source of these is Clickbank which will provide you with everything you are looking for in the one place. The whole sales process is built into their system so that is another issue which you do not need to deal with. As an internet marketer your job is to generate traffic and send it to the merchant’s website.

Other existing products can be DVDs, CDs or printed reports of one kind or another. These have to be sourced and sent out to customers. If you don’t wish to do the production, packing and posting yourself there are fulfilment houses who will deal with all that side of things for a small fee per item.

The ideal products within a niche market business, however, are the ones you create yourself. These are usually information products that you write yourself or put together from other sources. Such products are the ones that will bring you the greatest niche marketing benefits in terms of both money and achievement.

You will need to create or have created for you a website. This does not need to be anything flashy or expensive. You will need to select a suitable domain name which is related to your niche so your target market can see at a glance your area of expertise. You will need to sort out the hosting for your website.

Copywriting comes into the equation of your business at this stage. You need to find ways to send people to your product’s website. Writing articles, sales letters and content for your website needs to be done. If you feel that your writing skills are not up to the task, this work can be outsourced to professional writers who will do the work for you for cost of a meal out.

If you have done all this groundwork successfully you should start to see traffic being drawn to your own website and the product’s website, if you are using the affiliate option.

At this point it is just a question of perseverance. It will take a little time for your business to develop so stick at it; – keep writing and keep promoting. It will be worth it in the end as you will have your very own niche market business to be proud of.

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