Putting Together a Sales Campaign

g0429325First of all, an apology to my regular readers for being a bit intermittent with my postings over the last few days. I am currently putting together two marketing campaigns. This has taken most of my time since the middle of last week. I could have outsourced or adapted some PLR articles to cover but I like the articles on my website to be ‘all me’. The good side is that it gives me something relevant to write about, i.e. – issues surrounding the preparation for a product launch.

One of the products is an e-book in which I have put together 50 articles to form a single reference book for internet marketers. The other is a set of DVDs on the topic of passive income which I have been rebranding and personalising. Both products will launch early in the New Year. Creating campaigns like these involves a number of different aspects of the internet marketing business.

When putting together a sales campaign it is the copywriting which takes much of the time. Writing sales letters and then tweaking them until they are just right takes time. Getting the wording just right is so important with such copywriting. When producing sales material, you must be aware of the people you are targeting with your campaign. If Disney launches a new product they don’t send out promotional material written in the style of Charles Dickens. The parents may be the ones who actually purchase the product but catching the eye of the children and getting their interest is the target audience. Similarly, you would not send out promotional material for a set of DVDs on International Finance with pictures of Donald Duck scattered through it.

The inclusion of a few images (I emphasise ‘a few’) in the sales copy does improve the appearance of the letter, especially if the images directly relate to the text. Images of your DVD covers or mock-ups of 3D e-book covers help your readers to relate to what you are writing about. Don’t overdo the pretty pictures though! Ultimately, it is the words that will sell your product. If you are promoting an e-book it has no physical presence, but creating a nice cover for it will give it a more ‘professional’ and satisfying appearance. This cover will be the first page of the final PDF version which will go out to your customers. It will also help in your sales material either as a ‘flat’ or as a 3D mock up.

Another issue with creating a campaign is to choose suitable bonus items. I’m sure I have mentioned it in my articles before, but internet marketers are renowned for under-promising and over-delivering. Our businesses stand or fall on the quality and the value of the service we give. Treat your customers well and they will treat you well. A bonus item is very important in a sales offer as is the 100% money back guarantee. The bonus and the guarantee will encourage a potential customer to reach for the credit card to purchase what we are offering. If they perceive the value for money we are putting before them and the risk-free nature of our offer they are far more likely to buy.

The next step in setting up these offers is to check everything through and then select my domain names for the two sales letters and set up the websites. Always use a different mini-site for each product as it keeps your potential customers focussed on the one thing. If the sales page is cluttered with other links and offers it can be a distraction.

Putting together a sales campaign is hard work but, I find, very motivating. Both these offers will launch in early January, so wish me luck.

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