Blog For Fun And Profit

Blogging has become very, very popular in recent times and that popularity continues to grow by the day. Many blogs are run purely as a social outlet to share [...]

Exploit Your Niche

Article writing has become very popular in recent times.  Search engines have changed the way they rank web sites and have begun to place a stronger value on [...]

Is It Possible To Build an Online Empire From Scratch?

So then, is it really possible to build an online empire from scratch? This is a question many people have been asking themselves for some years now. Some of [...]

Niche Article Marketing

There was a time in the early days of internet marketing when search engines were only interested in keywords. Those days are now long gone. The two issues [...]

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is a very competitive business. If you are to succeed is it important to try at all times to stay at the front of the field. We are [...]

Targeted Traffic with Google Adwords

Getting targeted traffic to visit our websites is the tricky part of internet marketing. We can have a brilliant product and an impressive website but it will [...]

The Internet Marketer’s Manual

I have been writing articles on subjects related to internet marketing for quite some time. I have now built up quite a library of these articles. It occurred [...]

Keyword Research Strategy

Effective Keyword Research is vital to draw traffic to your websites. What we are trying to establish is just what words and terms internet surfers are using [...]

Traffic Jam

When the M25, the London Orbital Motorway, was opened by Margaret Thatcher on October 29th 1986 (just over 30 years ago; it seems much longer!) it was heralded [...]

Keyword-Rich Articles

If you are looking to draw traffic to an article or webpage then use of keywords embedded in your text will gain the attention of the search engines. We often [...]