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Be An Expert Internet Marketer

Perception is so important in dealing with other people in any aspect of human experience. In the field of internet marketing this is especially true. Your [...]

Creating Quality Content For Websites

Most visitors to your website will arrive almost by accident. Surfing the internet for research purposes of any kind is a bit like following a jungle track or [...]

A Unique Information Product

When setting out to create your own unique information product there are certain questions you need to ask yourself. Assuming you have decided on your niche [...]

Six Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Articles

When submitting an article to “Ezine Articles”, or other ezine sites or forums, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself about the probable [...]

Can eBay Be A Serious Business?

In this blog I usually write about issues relating to internet marketing. However, I was reading some articles about eBay the other day and decided that I [...]

Your First Steps In Internet Marketing

According to a quote from a James Bond film, the Chinese have a saying: “Even the longest journey begins with a single step.” Whether they do actually have [...]

SEO or PPC Strategy?

In the business of internet marketing there are two principal strategies for advertising and promoting products and services, these are SEO (Search Engine [...]

Sell Licensed Products

Selling licensed products is one of the mainstays of an online marketing business. Depending on the source and the value of a product, the cost of purchasing a [...]

Do-It-Yourself Marketing

Most internet marketing is done by entrepreneurs working from home. Whether they run their business to earn additional income on top of paid employment or [...]

Making Money Online – A Beginner’s Guide

The internet is seen by many people as a route to freedom. Whether this is because of a short-term need to gain freedom from financial worries or a more [...]