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Can eBay Be A Serious Business?

In this blog I usually write about issues relating to internet marketing. However, I was reading some articles about eBay the other day and decided that I [...]

Follow Up Emails

The first step in building a relationship with your opt-in list is the email sequence which follows on from either a subscription or a purchase. The majority [...]

Marketing Copywriting Skills

Copywriting is one of the key skills in running an online business. Communication in any form of business is a critical issue. A shop owner will come face to [...]

Creating Your Own Internet Business

Just as in the high street of your local community there are many different types of business, so there are many different products and services available [...]

Using Solo Ads

Once you have your niche, your product and your website up and running to promote that product, how do you go about it? Many of the early internet marketers [...]

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is a very competitive business. If you are to succeed is it important to try at all times to stay at the front of the field. We are [...]

Subject Line Marketing

We are told repeatedly that, in the field of internet marketing, “the money is in the list”. The list referred to is the “opt-in” list as it is usually [...]

Outsourcing Your Online Business

Watching the better quiz shows on the TV is a favourite pastime of mine. One thing that strikes me, and others I’m sure, is that some questions which I [...]

Affiliate Marketing Start-Up

Faced with starting an internet business, many new recruits are very likely to ask the question, “Where do I begin?” Quite a few of the most successful [...]

3 Steps to Internet Marketing

The process of running an online business is well-known and well documented. There are occasional personal variations but the general consensus is that there [...]