Month: October 2016

Types of Website for an Online Business

Within the realm of internet marketing, websites can have a variety of uses. Few online businesses will promote themselves through one single web presence. The [...]

How NOT to write a Sales Letter

Having written an article on how to write a successful sales letter it seems like a logical thing to now outline how not to present your product or service to [...]

What are the Key Components of a Successful Sales Letter

Writing an effective sales letter is very important in making online sales, and yet it isn’t a particularly easy thing to do. It is one area of an online [...]

Your Opt-in List is Your Online Business

With any aspect of human endeavour it is rather important to know exactly what you are doing and why. This is true whether you are dealing with personal [...]

Dear Father Christmas,………….

Quite amazingly the year is coming to an end. It’s November next week and many shops and supermarkets are already giving over large parts of their display to [...]

Sole Trader Business

The vast majority of new marketers in an online business will be sole traders. The very nature of internet marketing makes that almost inevitable. Throughout [...]

Financial Security with an Online Business

Discussing finance with a friend the other day took us through a whole variety of issues as you can well imagine, especially with the way things are at the [...]

Product Licensing for Profit

I have written in earlier articles on how to find products to sell online. The two most popular ways being the selling of ready-made products by using [...]

Article Writing Tips

Since starting this blog I have received a number of comments about the writing process. Favourite issues raised are how to get the ideas for each article and [...]

Why Mini-sites?

Most internet marketers will have one main website which will act as a sort of hub for their business. This is likely to be an informational site with blogs, [...]