Month: September 2016

Passive Income – Be Paid Many Times for One Project

One of the very first things that caught my imagination when I first began to explore the world of internet marketing was the concept of Passive Income. The [...]

Internet Marketing and Technology

It is extraordinary to think that the internet as we know it did not arrive until the 1980s and even then only came to prominence about a decade later with the [...]

Portrait of an Internet Customer

Whilst sitting at my computer thinking of what I could write about next, it occurred to me that all my articles, and most other articles I read from other [...]

Cost Versus Value

Anyone who has gone through any kind of sales training will have encountered the issue of cost versus value. Budding salespeople are taught to always encourage [...]

The customer is always right

It doesn’t take anyone new to internet marketing long to come to the realisation that the List (Customer Database) is a core issue of any online business. [...]

Email Marketing – Most Wanted Response

One of the most effective of all the ways to promote your products or services online is through the use of email marketing. Sending an email costs nothing so, [...]

Online Business – Ups & Downs

Every year sees more and more people turning to the internet with the intention of making their fortune. These people come from every walk of life, every [...]

Setting up an Online Business – 9 Critical Words

There are a number of vital issues which all new internet marketers should know about and understand. I have identified these by utilising nine critical words [...]

“I owe, I owe, so off to work I go”

Many years ago now, I saw the above in the back window of a car. It set me giggling at the time and kept coming back to me over the following few days. We all [...]