Month: November 2016

What is success?

Exactly how do you define success? That is a question which would draw a wide variety of responses. Some people would think in terms of life-style, some in [...]


In the game of chess, the very best players have an ability that average players don’t! This is the ability to plan several moves ahead. An average player [...]

Write to entertain as well as to inform your readers

Whether you are writing for a webpage, an ezine article or a sales letter, try to entertain your readers as well as inform them. By entertain I don’t mean [...]

More About Words

Words are the most important tools of our trade. Words can have a big impact on our thoughts and our feelings. The use of certain words in certain situations [...]

Article Marketing Technique

Article Marketing has really taken off in recent times. When the potential for promoting products through the use of articles was first realised it was often, [...]

Internet Marketing Checklist

Just as we have our cars serviced on a regular basis, or have our central heating checked about once a year, it is a very good idea to give our internet [...]

Some more thoughts on Opt-in

The issue of the opt-in list has arisen in my writing from time to time. This is inevitable as it is a very important aspect of an online business. This [...]

Find Keywords that Sell

There was a time when humans told computers what to do. It seems that, all too often in today’s world, computers now tell us what to do. We receive letters [...]

The Internet Marketing Start-up Kit

The idea of running a business on the internet has attracted many people in recent years. At a time when the vast majority of people around the globe have, at [...]

Put Your Online Business on Automatic Pilot

An appealing aspect of internet marketing to lots of people is the way in which the whole business can be automated. To many, the real incentive to become [...]