Do-It-Yourself Marketing

Most internet marketing is done by entrepreneurs working from home. Whether they run their business to earn additional income on top of paid employment or whether they rely on their business to provide them with a living wage the work is just the same. It is possible, working from home, to do every aspect of the business entirely on your own without any professional input or outsourcing, hence my title, “Do-It-Yourself Marketing”.

Research always plays a major role in internet marketing and this can be done by anyone sitting at their home computer. Whether you are researching for a niche, a product to sell, keywords for effective promotions, or any other information this can be found by exploring the internet. This work takes time and concentrated effort but need not cost a penny.

Affiliate marketing is very popular with internet marketers as the products are available for use free of charge. These products can be offered for sale via websites which can also be easily created from a home computer for no, or very little, cost. The domain name and website hosting will require a very small outlay. If you search around for s suitable niche-related domain name, you will probably find what you need (with hosting attached) for the cost of a meal out.

So, we now have a niche, a product, a website, a domain name and hosting for that website and we have, so far, spent just a few pounds. Not bad going, eh? We are well on the way to establishing our do-it-yourself marketing business. If your product is digital, which most affiliate products are, you will not be faced with the issues of sourcing DVDs, etc. nor dealing with posting and packing.

Even when you have physical products to deal with these need not be a problem either. Internet marketing is a positive cash-flow business; that is to say that customers order their products and make their payment in advance. This means that the money comes in before the product goes out, so there is never any need to hold stock.

In order to deal with these physical products you will need a couple of items which will require some financial outlay. These are, firstly, a good quality A4 printer with an option for printing “printable” CDs & DVDs. I have had an Epson printer which I have been using for years which comes complete with the software and special printing tray to enable professional discs to be produced. For paper copies always use good quality paper. I always use 100gm paper which is a little more expensive but gives a professional finish to your printed items.

A second valuable item is a CD/DVD Duplicator. These come in different sizes depending on how many copies they will produce simultaneously. This is so much less hassle than messing around ‘ripping’ licenced disks to your hard drive and then copying them to your DVD Drive. Copies can be made in just a few minutes with a duplicator.

The printer and duplicator are your only significant financial outlay and together will set you back several hundred pounds. However, they will last you for many years and will make your DIY marketing life so much easier for you they are well worth the investment.

I great way to promote products is through articles submitted to e-zine websites. Again, the cost is zero. The articles will take time and effort to write but will require no financial outlay at all. As I am sure you can see, do-it-yourself marketing really is possible.

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