“If You Pay Peanuts, You Get Monkeys”

I’m sure many of you will have heard the above saying. It is a truism in many walks of life. When it comes to choosing a training guide or course for internet marketing it could not be more true. The internet is swamped with every conceivable approach to earning money online. Sadly, much of it is written by pseudo-entrepreneurs whose one aim is to bleed money from internet users, giving back very little in return. Many of these seem to be failed marketers who have since discovered that they can use the bit of knowledge they have acquired to sell courses telling others how to succeed. These courses will usually make outrageous claims of what can be achieved; offering ‘guaranteed’ huge profits within a short space of time for $37.

My background is in the music profession and there is a tongue-in-cheek view amongst musicians that many music critics are failed musicians who spend their days slagging off those who had the talent and the commitment to succeed, It is a form of cathartic release for their own inadequacies. You will find similar views expressed amongst exponents of the other performing arts too. It probably isn’t (usually) true, but there are occasions when it is tempting to think that way. The internet pseudo-gurus are very much of the same ilk.

The genuine training will come from real entrepreneurs who both talk the talk and walk the walk. They never make ridiculous claims about potential income or about time scale. The cost of training from such people will cost much more than $37 depending on what form the training takes. I am not saying that such costs are unreasonable or excessive (especially given the earning potential from this training) but there will be a significant outlay.

If you are looking for a suitable course online, always check the credentials of the individual or company with whom you are considering making an investment. Using Google or some other search engine to find out what you can about the source of the offer is easily done. Other people have been down the route you are considering and their experiences will be recorded on forums, etc. If a particular course provider is reliable and offering a good deal you will find evidence of that. If he or she is a charlatan, your computer screen will light up with condemnation from many quarters. So, always check before you part with any money. Look before you leap!

Far and away the best way to get the training you are looking for is to get yourself a mentor; an established internet marketer who not only earns a substantial income from their own business but offers their knowledge and support to newcomers to the business. They can hold your hand through the tough initial stages, providing advice and encouragement as you get your business up and running. How much you are prepared to invest in this kind of support will depend, rather obviously, on how much money you have to commit to your business venture. The cost of mentoring does vary widely and some entrepreneurs will occasionally offer special deals which help to spread or even reduce the cost. As is so often the case with internet marketing, research is the key.

Setting up an online business is more straight-forward and less traumatic if you have a guide, whether that guide is a person or a published course. The better the advice, the less stressful it will be and the more successful will be your eventual business. Cheap little courses that you will find splattered all over the internet are unlikely to give you what you are looking for. Avoid them like the plague and find yourself genuine professional support. The financial investment in proper training will pay for itself many times over. To reiterate my headline: “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!”

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