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A Unique Information Product

When setting out to create your own unique information product there are certain questions you need to ask yourself. Assuming you have decided on your niche [...]

Can eBay Be A Serious Business?

In this blog I usually write about issues relating to internet marketing. However, I was reading some articles about eBay the other day and decided that I [...]

Marketing Copywriting Skills

Copywriting is one of the key skills in running an online business. Communication in any form of business is a critical issue. A shop owner will come face to [...]

‘Don’ts’ of Website Design

The trick with good web design is that it is that the website must be user friendly. It must be welcoming. Visitors should immediately want to stay and look [...]

“If You Pay Peanuts, You Get Monkeys”

I’m sure many of you will have heard the above saying. It is a truism in many walks of life. When it comes to choosing a training guide or course for [...]

Affiliate Marketing Start-Up

Faced with starting an internet business, many new recruits are very likely to ask the question, “Where do I begin?” Quite a few of the most successful [...]

3 Steps to Internet Marketing

The process of running an online business is well-known and well documented. There are occasional personal variations but the general consensus is that there [...]

Autoresponders – The Perfect Business Partners

Communication with customers and subscribers is vital if you are to successfully build an internet business. Trying to keep up with the non-stop flow of [...]

The Internet Marketing Game

I encountered the phrase I have used as my headline a few days ago. I saw it on a website I was visiting. It set me thinking as I had never heard internet [...]

Internet Marketing Failure

Internet marketing is, without doubt, one of the best business opportunities of this day and age. Anyone can start their own online business from their own [...]