Money-Making E-Books

One of the most rewarding products to deal with as an internet marketer is the e-book. The range of e-books you will find available on the internet is gigantic. There are, “How to…..” books; – information manuals for every topic under the sun; – fiction and non-fiction; – short books and long books; – serious books and silly books. They range in price from $1 or $2 to $997+ depending on the value and content. It isn’t difficult to see the benefits of selling money-making e-books.

As a product to promote and sell, e-books have so many advantages. Even if you don’t feel able to write one yourself you can have one written for you on a topic of your own choosing. Finding someone to do this for you is easy and remarkably inexpensive. If the cost of outsourcing this task is covered by the sale of the first 3 or 4 books it is obviously a very satisfactory way to work. Almost anyone can put together a simple e-book if they really put their mind to it. You can always find a professional writer to “tidy it up” for you afterwards. This will only cost you a few dollars. If you have a particular interest and can talk about it, you can write about it too. E-books don’t need to be lengthy, indeed, the majority seem to be only about 40 pages or so, – often less. It’s the content that matters rather than the length.

If you are writing on an information topic, divide the book into chapters before you actually begin to write. Each chapter would deal with a different aspect of your subject. If you are setting out to write a 40 page e-book begin by deciding on, perhaps, eight different issues as your chapter headings. You then only have to write about five pages on each issue. That’s like producing a simple article on each, eight ‘mini-books’ if you like, which, when put together, will give you your money-making e-book to sell.

There is a whole new market opening up for digital writing too. That is through the development of Kindle. Professional authors are now writing novels for publishing directly on to Kindle, not even bothering about having their books put into print. If you develop a number of e-books of any quality it may well be possible to get some of them on to Kindle. This will give you a whole new marketplace for your money-making e-books, – in addition to the internet.

The big attraction of e-books for many internet marketers is that there is no product to handle. There is no production involved, no packaging of products and no trips to the post office. Even were you to outsource this onerous task to Fulfilment Houses, selling e-books means that there is a whole aspect of the business which will never concern you. There are many highly successful online businesses which deal solely in digital products. Many potential customers do like to handle new printed books, CDs, DVDs, etc. (to be honest, I’m one of them) but from a purely business point of view, e-books are great to deal with.

Another bonus with e-books and any other digital product is that they can be sold through a company like Clickbank where affiliates can pick up on them and sell them for you in exchange for a percentage of the price. Given the massive number of subscribers to Clickbank, this could be very remunerative, especially if your e-book is within a particularly ‘hot’ niche.

Don’t overlook the potential value to your internet marketing business of good old money-making e-books. If you create only one e-book and sell it for just $7 and sell 1000 of them, you have a business.

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