Your First Steps In Internet Marketing

According to a quote from a James Bond film, the Chinese have a saying: “Even the longest journey begins with a single step.” Whether they do actually have such a saying I don’t know for sure, but the saying itself is certainly true. It is a saying we can apply to many aspects of our lives and internet marketing is, most definitely, one of them.

There is a well-proven method of achieving success with an online business. There are minor variations but the step by step plan is laid out. All newcomers to the business need to do, therefore, is to follow it – step by step.

There are huge financial rewards to be reaped with internet marketing but it will not happen overnight. There is a lot to learn. We read in the newspapers of great entertainers who have become “overnight sensations”. More often than not, behind that, so-called, overnight success comes years of hard graft, working the pubs, clubs, cabarets, regional theatres, summer seasons, pantomimes, etc., honing their craft until one single performance catapults them into the limelight and into star status.

All business is about exchanging money for a product or service. To succeed in any business requires an understanding of one important fact, if you concentrate on providing quality products and/or quality service in meeting people’s needs you will make money. If you make money your No.1 priority, above and beyond quality and service, success is likely to elude you. Never forget that money is a means to an end and not an end in itself. I have heard it said many times in my years in internet marketing that it is not about money, but about the quality of life and the freedom which money can bring.

So, the first step in your business is to identify a large group of people with a particular need or problem and set out to give them what they are looking for. The internet has become almost everyone’s “go to” source for information on any topic under the sun. Before the advent of the internet people would go to libraries or to the encyclopaedias on their book shelves, now they are much more likely to go to their computer. So step one in setting up your online business is to find your marketplace, a group of ‘hungry’ people with a particular need; preferably people with a reasonable amount of money in the bank who are looking to spend some of it on finding the information they want.

Even if you hope that your internet marketing business will eventually replace your current employment, don’t sack the boss straight away. It takes time to build your business. Don’t forget that there will be a lot of new things to learn. The best strategy is to allocate yourself so many hours each week to work on your new business and only ‘go solo’ when you have reached a point where you can, at least, support yourself and family with your business earnings. This may take a while but it will be worth it in the end. Perseverance is always quoted as an essential attribute for newcomers to internet marketing. You have to take that first single step on your journey and then stick with it even though money will probably not be generated for some time, certainly in any significant quantity. Rome was not built in a day.

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