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Are you a morning person or an evening person?

Metabolism is a strange thing. Some people have difficulty pouring coffee into a cup first thing in the morning without requiring a 6 foot exclusion zone whilst others are leaping about like spring lambs from sunrise. In the evening there are some who completely shut down after about 9pm and others who can party until dawn. Age certainly plays a part in this. When my son was a student he would still be in bed at lunchtime some days yet could keep working effectively well into the early hours. I remember being exactly the same myself at that age. Although my son completed his university education last year, he still has a tendency to sleep late if he has no particular reason to get up. I tend to be the opposite these days and will wake with the sun. Even in the summer months I can be up and about before 5am.

Everyone has their own body clock which is part of their metabolism. We all have certain times of day when we are at our best and times when we are of no use to man nor beast! It is very important in life to listen to our body clock. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses; our Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If we know and understand our good points and our bad we can use them to our advantage. We can exploit our strengths and play down our weaknesses.

If you are running your own home-based internet business it is important to get the best out of the time you spend working, especially if you are operating that business alongside other work. There is no point trying to work first thing in the morning if you are an evening person and vice versa. The time you spend on your business must align with a time of day when you are at your best, or, at least, close to your best. Trying to write a sales letter when your mind and body are screaming for rest is just not going to work. Trying to plan the promotion of a new product when all you can think about is breakfast will lead to almost certain failure.

Just as it is important to have a place of work within your home, so it is vital to have times of work when you are free and in the right frame of mind to work effectively. Rather like the “Dramatic Unities” of Time, Place and Action which writers of plays traditionally use, we must have a similar set of working values. Those features of time, place and action could well be applied to running your own online business from your home. Having somewhere specific as your work station will focus your mind when you enter it. Having set times of day when you go to that work station, times when you are in the right frame of mind for work goes hand in hand with that. Having in your mind a plan of action, things you are going to do at that time and in that place, is crucial or you are likely to just fiddle about without any real sense of purpose.

Running an online business from your own home can be very rewarding, both financially and personally, but it must be approached in as effective a way as you can manage. Selecting your time of working, even if you only spend a couple of hours a day on your business, can be an important factor as to whether you succeed or fail.

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