Is It Possible To Build an Online Empire From Scratch?

So then, is it really possible to build an online empire from scratch? This is a question many people have been asking themselves for some years now. Some of these people will answer with a resounding – “Yes!” some won’t. The question which really needs to be asked is: “Are you prepared to do what it takes to succeed?” There is a commonly held belief that starting an internet business is both cheap and easy and anyone can do it. Unfortunately, this is simply not true.

To achieve success in an internet business, just as in traditional business, is about ‘stickability’. Many of the issues we encounter online are just the same as in a traditional off-line business. However, beginning a business online will, for most people, involve learning lots of new skills and techniques. So, starting an internet business can be even more difficult because it will take you into areas you have probably never been before.

For many newcomers to the business, any gaps in knowledge or skill can be initially overcome by ‘outsourcing’. This means, to put it simply, getting other people to do the work for you. This is great for people who don’t feel happy with writing content, articles, etc. or dealing with the more technical issues surrounding the design and creation of websites. You might be thinking to yourself: “Won’t that cost an arm and a leg?” The answer is – “No!” This work can be done by professional copywriters or ‘techies’ for a very small outlay indeed.

The trickiest issue with internet marketing is to bring ‘traffic’ to your website and to your sales letters. You might have found or created the greatest product in the history of the universe and produced (or had produced for you) the most captivating website the world has ever seen, but if nobody visits your site, your sales letter will not be read and your product will not be sold. This issue of traffic is the most vital in the running of an online business.

If you think about it, thanks to the internet even the most ‘niche’ of products has an enormous, global marketplace. How do we make our products, our webpages, our offers stand out amidst all this competition. There is not the time or the space to tackle this issue in depth in a short article such as this, but it is something which needs to be researched and the various options need to be understood. You can then decide on the method which best suits your own situation.

Be careful when researching the possibilities, however, as there are many rogues out there on the internet offering very attractive sounding solutions. They promise to send out your promotional material to thousands of ‘targeted’ potential customers when in reality they will be taking your money to send out a shoddy little email to a general list of largely uninterested people, if, indeed, they send out a message at all. If you are about to invest in anything on the internet, always, always, do a search on the company or the individual’s name. There will be information out there in forums, etc. where users will express their views on the relative merits of the people involved. Just put the name into a search engine. If the offer is of good quality and worth the investment there will be reviews expressing that view. If you have hit on an ‘internet bandit’ your computer screen will light up like a Christmas tree with warnings to leave well alone.

It is definitely possible to build an online empire from scratch but it will take time, effort and a certain amount of financial investment. If you feel you have what it takes to take on the challenge then all the best in your business venture.

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