A Unique Information Product

When setting out to create your own unique information product there are certain questions you need to ask yourself. Assuming you have decided on your niche you are then in a situation of providing desirable, quality information to internet users who are exploring that particular niche. This immediately raises the question of what are those people actually looking for. If the niche you have chosen is one where you have some specialist knowledge the question will be easier to answer but you still need to consider your potential customers’ needs rather than just writing to please yourself.

It is also necessary to face the question “why” are the visitors arriving on your website or reading your articles. You must look beyond the “what are they looking for?” Always try to see what you are writing from the customer’s point of view. This is where the oft-repeated advice needs to be considered, that is, to always remember that we are selling information to those with a “desire” rather than “need”. What we write both in the product and in the sales letter must fan the flames of that desire. People need soap and shampoo but they don’t normally scour the internet to find it.

If your niche is based on your own knowledge and specialism then you have a range of ways that you can create your own unique product, passing on what you know to others. Apart from smaller items such as eBooks or “How to….” Manuals” you have the expertise to create whole courses which can be retailed on a chapter-per-month basis, thus generating a passive income stream. If there is a practical side to your niche, a video demonstration of some aspect of the topic would be of real interest to your potential customers and a great way to generate sales.

If you feel that the niche you have chosen is one where your personal knowledge or skill is not up to producing the kind of products mentioned above, then outsource to professionals to do the work for you. This outsourcing will cost very little but will provide you with high quality material to market. Given the earning potential of these items, the cost is minimal. You could even contact experts from within your niche to record an interview with you in which they answer relevant questions on various aspects of your topic. The software is cheaply available these days to record communication via phone or Skype or to video presentations either by you are by others you invite to assist you.

I am a musician (an oboist and composer) and I have sold books on technical aspects of music, sheet music, training manuals, etc. over the years as well as information on internet marketing. If you want to read more of my writing on the topic of internet marketing please CLICK HERE. Just use your imagination to come up with ways to provide real value for your customers and to promote your products in a way which will catch the imagination of your readers or web visitors. To repeat what I said earlier, try always to see things from the point of view of your potential customers; always appeal to their desire and try to answer their inevitable question, “What’s in it for me?”

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