Making Money Online – A Beginner’s Guide

The internet is seen by many people as a route to freedom. Whether this is because of a short-term need to gain freedom from financial worries or a more long-term desire for freedom from the stifling world of employment will depend on a person’s situation. Some years ago I found myself in the former situation having been forced into very early retirement by the demands of bringing up a disabled daughter. There was a lot to learn when I began exploring the internet for ways to bring in money working from home. I eventually began to create e-books using my knowledge acquired from years of work as a musician. It didn’t make me rich but it did bring in much needed money to reinforce our sagging domestic economy. Since then I have continued to learn and branched out into other areas and into other niche markets.

I imagine that you have been drawn to this article because you want, or need, to make money online. You are in the situation I was about ten years ago, at the beginning of the learning curve. I remember how I felt in those early days, excited by the possibilities presented by an internet marketing business but daunted by the things I was going to have to learn to make it happen. In this article I will attempt to show you the basics of how to set up an online money-making venture working from your own home. The opportunity is there for you to achieve what you want to achieve but it will take study, work, time and (especially) perseverance. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, then, I suggest, you look elsewhere.

The first question to answer is; “Just how can you make money on the internet?”

In essence running an online business has many of the features of a traditional offline business. The basic premise is the same; it is about exchanging products or services for money. The difference is fairly obviously that in internet marketing we go about this in a different and very specific way. We have no premises that potential customers can visit to browse and find what they need. We cannot offer a face-to-face shopping experience in the way a high street shop can. We are involved in what you might call ‘distance selling’ which makes communication with potential customers more difficult.

As we are running an online business we need to create an online presence. We need a website, which is our shop window. That website will become the hub of our business. From there we can build a relationship with customers, make our sales offers, create a regular blog, advertise products of others to generate income. Such a website will require a domain name and a web host. A quick search on the internet will reveal a list of possible companies who can provide you with both these for a very small financial outlay. With DIY websites readily available most people can create and maintain their own website without a problem. If you do feel the need to use a professional web designer they can be found easily enough through your search engine.

The final step in setting up your online system is online banking through which your transactions can be made. You are then ready to promote products to your marketplace. A good place to begin this part of the process is through the use of affiliate marketing. Many successful marketers have begun their businesses in exactly that way. There are many companies who will offer affiliate programmes. Clickbank and Amazon are two of the biggest and most popular but there are plenty of others. The task of an affiliate is to send potential customers to a vendor’s website, receiving a commission on all sales resulting from that referral. It means that much of the business is done for you by the vendor. All that is required from the affiliate is to promote the chosen product to as wide an audience as possible

Following this straight-forward process should put you on the right track very quickly. For more comprehensive information on internet marketing please CLICK HERE. Happy marketing!

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