Technical Skills for an Internet Marketer

p0317142There are two main sets of skills (if I can put it that way) which are necessary if you are going to set up and run an online business. The first is fairly obvious; it is necessary to have a decent level of facility with a computer and understand how to access the internet. The second one is the ability to use words. I have written on a number of occasions about copywriting so I thought that it was about time I looked at the technical aspects which an internet marketer will use pretty well every day.

Those who are new to internet marketing will usually find themselves faced with a fairly steep learning curve even if they are fluent in the use of both computers and the internet. In sport you will hear football pundits talking about a player not being match-fit. The player in question may be fit and healthy but hasn’t got the match experience to play as a valuable team member. That will only come with experience, as he or she comes to understand how to use their ability in a match situation. New internet marketers are often faced with a similar situation. They know how to use a computer well and are experienced users of the internet but don’t have the experience of the particular skills required to run an online business. They need to become match-fit.

I think I can assume that anyone attracted to internet marketing is someone who has some facility with the computer. It is well documented that many of the people who still do not use a computer have a real fear of them. There is even a word to describe such people; that word is Logizomechanophobia, – great word! Anyone who has such a problem is hardly likely to be drawn to internet marketing.

There are also those who are very wary of the internet. They read stories of hackers and cyber-crime, of banking systems being breached and money stolen, of personal details being accessed and used for dubious purposes. In a sense it is understandable for people to have such fears but if you have proper protection for your own system and only use highly reputable companies online, the risk is not as great as some seem to think. The bank in your high street could be raided; you might be mugged or have your pocket picked, but few people refuse to go out in case it happens to them.

Apart from those two basics, a computer and the internet, most internet marketing will require the use of a website, ultimately several websites. These can be created by anyone without too much stress, especially if you use a source like WordPress, which will give you a high quality website for nothing! If you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, there are plenty of people around who can do it for you. A company like “Fiverr” will do many of the tasks you will need as an internet marketer for just a few dollars.

Another technical requirement will be the use of an Autoresponder which will handle your emails, help to build your list, keep records and run analysis of the performance of your sites. “Aweber” & “Get Response” are two of the most popular. They are easy to set up and easy to use. There is a monthly subscription for their services but this is not excessive, especially in comparison to the money they will ultimately help you to bring in.

If you are going to sell through your websites you will need online banking to process payments of all kinds. I use “PayPal” which is very popular both within and outside the business community. PayPal will accept payments in every form and can be set up for one off purchases or repeat subscriptions. There are other similar online banking systems too. I would recommend sticking with one of the widely used ones as they are obviously trusted by those who use them.

Any of the technical issues encountered when running an internet marketing business can be outsourced, – that is handed to experts to do the work for you. All this work can be done by experienced professionals who will do a brilliant job for a surprisingly small fee. Have a search online to get some idea of what can be done for you and how much it will cost. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised. It should be the ambition of any internet marketer to learn all these skills and eventually be in a position to do it yourself even if you use outsourcing in your early days.

New technical developments are happening all the time. Videos are now widely used in website promotions and the use of Smartphones is becoming more prevalent; try to keep your finger on the pulse of technological developments as they find their place in the world of internet marketing. There is nothing to fear in computer or online technology. You should see it as a friend rather than as an enemy.

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