Don’t let life pass you by

p0300219I had an early appointment this morning which meant leaving home at 8.00am. As I had only a mile to go I chose to walk. It was a glorious autumn/winter morning with a blue sky above so I chose the route that took me across a field. The temperature was around -6C and the grass was thick with frost. The low sun lit up the frosted ground making me wish I had taken my camera. I do love mornings like this. They may be cold but they are far preferable to a grey, overcast, drizzly day with milder temperatures. Mornings like today give me a lift whereas the grey ones have the very opposite effect.

As I walked across the field I reflected on the world we live in with all its richness and variety and realised how lucky I am these days. Whilst many other people were scraping their windscreens before setting off on icy roads to get to work, I was free to enjoy this wonderful morning. The fact that my appointment was for my annual fasting blood test and I had not had anything to eat or drink for 14 hours overnight did not spoil my enjoyment of the walk in the slightest! I am now home again and enjoying my late breakfast with great relish.

It is so easy to live life with your head down, only able to raise your eyes on occasional holidays when you are, for one or two weeks, able to enjoy the world you live in. Then its head down and back to the grindstone again. For many people drawn to internet marketing this is one of the main motivations for grasping the nettle and learning the skills needed to succeed.

Financial security is obviously an aim for almost everyone in any walk of life, but the freedom and quality of life which it can bring is even more motivating. You don’t need to be seeking a millionaire’s life-style to achieve what you want in life through running an online business from home. So long as you are prepared to knuckle down and learn the basics, success is there for the taking; – as the proverb says: “You cut your cloth according to your means”. Your background, your knowledge, your education, your skill-set are of no significance in the world of internet marketing. Whatever you bring to the table the opportunity is there for you to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

The simple plan for any internet marketer, whether from the perspective of a business professional in a plush office or a lorry driver working from home, is exactly the same. It has been spelt out so often yet all too many people try to “improve” on it. The plan is this:

  1. Find your niche where there is a hungry crowd of potential customers
  2. Create or find a quality product to sell to that hungry crowd
  3. Choose your method of promoting that product to that hungry crowd

I have just been watching a DVD of a presentation by former broadcaster and internet marketer, Chris Farrell. In his talk he speaks of the one thing that changed his life and brought him into the business. It was this: “All skills are learnable.” There are skills required to be successful in running an internet business; none of them is particularly difficult and all can be learnt. If you are prepared to put in the time and the effort to learn these skills then there is nothing to stop you being a success. Many people attracted to a the idea of running an online business back off when they come to realise how many new things they need to take on board. There is no need to fear! With internet marketing, if you follow the plan you will succeed. How long it takes really doesn’t matter. We are all different, coming from different walks of life with different skill-sets and with different perspectives of exactly what we want to get from the business. It takes as long as it takes! Some people set off like a railway train whilst others begin more slowly and tentatively. I’m sure you all know the fable of “The Hare and the Tortoise”. As the song says, “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish”. See you at the finishing line!

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