“K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple, Stupid!”

Business man stepping up on stairsThe above advice was given to me very early on in my exploration of marketing online. Once you begin to set up your internet business, visiting other relevant sites and opting in to useful information, you will almost certainly find yourself bombarded with messages from people who have apparently acquired the secret to making millions of dollars a week working just three minutes every other Thursday and who are desperate to share their method with you for just $37.


Don’t be distracted by this! Decide on your initial plan; – choose one domain name; one product or service; one way to market it; one website or blog through which to promote your product or service and make sales; stay focussed on your plan and see it through.  (K.I.S.S)


The saying that: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” is very, very true in the world of online marketing. All kinds of offers will come flooding in and at times it takes great willpower to resist them. They all seem to offer a much better and easier way to earn good money online than the method you have decided upon. So, stick to your initial plan of action and follow it step by step. Do not be distracted into trying other things and buying into other methods. If you do, you will simply lose track of your plan and make life complicated for yourself. (K.I.S.S)


Do your research, set up your sales page and launch! If you feel the need to investigate other ways to work, get your initial plan up and running first and, only then, can you do some further exploring of other people’s ideas. The huge majority of these offers you receive will be absolute rubbish but presented in a way which makes them seem very plausible. Never purchase any online offer which does not have a 100% unconditional refund guarantee. Ideally, I would recommend that you stick with your initial plan and make it work. If all goes well there will be no need to look elsewhere. Create a simple plan in a simple way and don’t make things complicated. (K.I.S.S)


It is not a case of “Kiss and make up”, a phrase we have heard many times; it’s a case of “K.I.S.S  and make money!”

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